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Pawning or Selling Information


What does the loan period mean?

In California, the loan period is 4 months and 10 days.


What is an extension?

If you can't pay your balance, simply pay the interest on the loan and extend the term of your contract for another 4 months and 10 days.


What is an extension (renewing by mail)?

You can renew by mail by sending a money order or certified check along with your pawn contract.


What are rates and fees?

Rates and fees are all predetermined by a government agency that regulates pawn shops in California.


Right to privacy

We will only release information about the terms of the transaction to the person who pawned the merchandise. Records are available to law enforcement agencies as required by state law.



You must have a valid picture ID: state, military, passport, or a picture ID issued by the United States of America.


Items we accept for pawn

Musical instruments, TV's, stereos, DVD's, tools, digital cameras, camcorders, Ps3 systems, XBOX 360 systems, Wii System, PSP systems, iPods, iPads, computers, coin collections, paintings, sculptures, and other works of art. Our specialty is jewelry, diamonds, gold, and watches.



El Cajon Jewelry & Loan is licensed, bonded, and fully insured. All of our staff have undergone complete background checks during the hiring process. Our staff is fully trained at testing, identifying, and describing your merchandise, so the loan ticket you receive is completely accurate.
We can also show you the inclusions in your diamonds and gemstones, so you know that your item is the same when you come to redeem it. We carry security envelopes, and we are happy to seal your jewelry item in your presence.